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Method of good a kind of motion is compared in the life, and get not easily still the limitation of time, space. Before crossing ran, also need ready-made exercise, the friend that does not move for long especially, abrupt ran brings certain harm probably to the body, and get hurt easily still. So the person so much of the ran in living at ordinary times, what profit does ran bring to human body health after all?

What does ran have to healthy gain?

1, eye: The time eye that holds to the person of long-distance running to everyday 1 is control in one’s childhood is orthoptic distance, this cross-eye eyeball1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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It is very good relaxation rests, if there is the child of school age in your home, can let him hold to ran everyday, the odds of eye myopia is affirmativeForum of Shanghai night net

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Can reduce.

2, ministry of cervical, shoulder, vertebral: The person that often takes before computer can have the problem of ministry of a few cervical vertebra, shoulder more or less, correct ran pose asks back is loosened straight, what insist for a long time to be able to reach humeral ministry to cervical vertebra is unwell have very big improvement.

3, heart: Hold to ran to be able to let you have a powerful heart and cardiovascular system function. Increasing the largest amount that absorb oxygen while the oxygen amount that to the body each organs carry increases greatly, the working quality nature of each organs rises greatly. Additionally middle-distance race can quicken haemal circulation, make coronary artery has enough haemal supply cardiac muscle, thereby1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Prevent all sorts of heart disease. Pass the motion of lower limbs, make heart of vein blood regurgitate, still prevent the thrombosis inside vein.

What does ran have to healthy gain?

4, blood: Had powerful heart blood-vessel system, the haemal quality it may not be a bad idea of the person that run at the ordinary person, the adaptability that the body produces to long-term middle-distance race changes ameliorable metabolism, fat of bring down blood and cholesterol level.

5, lung and respiratory system: Undertake middle-distance race takes exercise for a long time make lobar function becomes strong, increase vital capacity. The long-term long-distance running that undertakes regularity can develop lung breathes flesh, make everyShanghai night net

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Quantitative change of second take a breath is big, lobar function increases.

6, hepatic: Ran is ameliorable and eliminate fatty liver.

What does ran have to healthy gain?

7, abdomen: It is OK to hold to long-term ran of abdomen of effective take out adipose, those who make you have strong and handsome, evenness is alvine.

8, the waist, coxal: The ran change to the figure most reflect first in these two positions, a lot of people had had such experience, after beginning to run for some time, weight is done not have apparentLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Reduce, but the figure was improved apparently, especially what lumbar line runs is more beautiful.

9, knee: Ran can improve systemic blood circulation, be opposite by its knee effect is very big, although, when just beginning to run, some people may feel knee is very painful, but the exercise of the accumulation as successive and force, knee becomes stronger and stronger.