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Gout is a kind of commonner disease in our life, as a result of,most gouty patient is all the year round uric acerbity on the high side brings about, and regular meeting of ventilated patient classics feels articulatory ache, say gout so the harm sex of this kind of disease is exceeding congress, make the patient bears bigger1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Painful, in spend gently ventilated when, must have treatment actively, spend gout so gently what to symptom have?

 Spend gouty symptom gently

Clinical expression

The uric acerbity chroma with the patient here medium serum of period can be addedShanghai noble baby

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Tall, but did not appear clinical the arthritic symptom that go up, chalkstone, or some males patient meets the clinical symptom such as uric acerbity stone to produce this kind of case namely in adolescence, and likelihood and familial history, female patient criterion relatively often be in stop period to just appear. Do not have a symptomA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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State of disease of acerbity blood of high make water may give birth to metropolis existence firstly eventually, but also may transform acute gout arthritis or kidney stone, the patient of disease of acerbity blood of high make water that clinical great majority does not have a symptom can produce gouty symptom first, case of ability change other, but the attention has 10% to be able to produce kidney stone symptom first to 40% patients about.

1.Send sexual gout formerly

Have apparent familial and genetic tendency, good hair at in old people, come on the height is 30~50 year old, about 95% for the male, after 5% females often are menopause, come on. According to illness progress feature, can be gouty course of diseases divided for the following 4 period: ? Acute of? of ⑵ of  of Zi of Qiong of Qin of hammer of ⒆ of bend so as to breakstubborn breaks out period the intermittence that; does not have a symptom period; is chronic period.

 Spend gouty symptom gently

The main and clinical performance that delivers sexual gout formerly has the following sides:

(1) does not have acid of high make water of disease of acerbity blood of semiotic sex high make water the happening of hematic disease constant very concealed is raided, initial stage isLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Break appear, show gradually durative, over check-up or when seeing a doctor because of other disease, discover innocently.

 Spend gouty symptom gently

(Arthritis of sex of 2) acute gout this has a feature most for gout and the symptom that sees more, have disease urgent suddenly, counting joint of be put into trouble can appear in the hour apparent red, heat is painful, constant at nightly fit, wake because of articulatory pang, articulatory and local because of aching untouchability, cannot build a sheet even, the activity suffers be restricted. With sufficient ministry foot of the first Zhi is best hair place, be brothers nextLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Ankle, genu, wrist, ancon, shoulder is other small key links, articulatory. Initial stage is only articulatory pathological change more, two side happen alternately, later period can be much more articulatory pathological changes, at the same time or appear early or late. Eat and drink too much, suffer all round drinking excessive, overworked, infection, traumatic, operation, traumatic, jointLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Pressure, the shoe is walked on unwell wait to all can be cause an element. Urgent