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Palace neck cancer and breast cancer are same, it is one of whole world female’s at present commonnest cancerShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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, mortality has different deadly rate in the different period according to cancer, discover surviving rate is higher earlier. The female after manhood had better be to undertake the sieve of palace neck cancer is checked every year, can reduce the incidence of a disease of this kind of cancer. The article introduced the detailed content of palace neck cancer and its surviving rate, those who want understanding is OK will have a look.

Surviving rate of palace neck cancer

Palace neck cancer is one of whole world female’s commonnest malignant tumor. Contemporary epidemiology data combined lab evidence to had decided the pathogeny of HPV and palace neck cancer concerns, wrapping of number of spouse of induced abortion frequency, sex, passive smoking, husband crosses tumour of neck of long, palace familial history, scar of marring too early, spirit, marry frequency, smoking, productive reach the age is produced first premature, also be China already

The main and critical factor that cancer of neck of marriage woman palace produces.

Got palace neck cancer to still can live how long, major patient and family member compare a care, you tell the answer below through a data.

We pass patients of pair of cancer of 4374 palace neck to undertake following visitting, along with visit time 5~19 year, to the patient live the circumstance undertakes an analysis relatively, 1 year of survival rate are 4374 patients

95% , 2 years survival rate is 90% , be born 3 yearsLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Put rate for 85% , 4 years survival rate is 81% , 5 years survival rate is 77% . The shortest live time is 1. 2 months, the longest for 228. 3 months, in live time is 175. 3 months.

Surviving rate of palace neck cancer

Clinical be to combine standing grain to put malt Selenium capsule to give cancer the patient, selenium is called ” the king that fights cancer ” in September 2003 management board of American food medicines and chemical reagents (FDA) approbates selenium is curb cancer medicine, this is American government can or to selenium formal medicine statement of cancer. The scientist takes president time to cancer patientShanghai Long Feng forum

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Filling Selenium, make cancer patient mortality dropped 5Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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0% . Consider to show in great quantities, selenium is the depressor with strong tumour, can restrain cancer cell to grow, block breaks the energy of cancer cell to supply. At present a lot of scholars think selenium is not only on cancer precaution effective, and also can regard the assist a ruler in governing a country that change cure as medicine, reduce poisonous side effect of the medicaments that change cure, increase medicaments to be able to bear or endure suffer a gender.

The discretion of hematic Selenium level still is led with the recrudesce of cancer, diffuse surviving time of degree, patient and prognosis are relevant. . The tumor patient with hematic Selenium higher level, tumor is likely bureauShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Be confined to sends place formerly, the possibility that far transfers is lesser, recrudescent rate may be inferior, prognostic may better. Contrary, the patient tumor that hematic Selenium reduces significantly has Gao Jisheng of far move, malign degree to put more period short likelihood. Content of the Selenium inside cancer patient system is under normal person, content of Selenium of capsule of Selenium of He Cunmai bud is high, suit cancer patient.

Surviving rate of palace neck cancer

Of palace neck cancer preventive vaccine has applied successfully in the crowd, make precaution of palace neck cancer becomes a possibility. WHO proposal is all tall danger ground1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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The area carries out effective sieve to investigate a plan, the experience of the developed country already also made clear: Have organization, design is over

Good sieve checks a project to be able to reduce the incidence of a disease of palace neck cancer and mortality significantly. In cancer of neck of Chinese part palace tall hair area also adopted this one proposal, carried out sieve of effective palace neck cancer to check, make palace neck carcinoma early examine rate is achieved 90. 63% , remedial rate is 83. 28% , this also is sure to raise the survival rate of patient of palace neck cancer.